Cate Readling shows up and she listens. Anyone who knows her will say the same. I am voting for Cate because she is tireless — as an advocate, as an ally, as a bona fide progressive. I am voting for her because she has worked tirelessly to campaign for genuine progressive reforms in Oak Park, Cook County, and the state of Illinois. 

Her leadership will bring the voices and perspectives of genuine progressive campaigns to the municipal level: the fights for a progressive income tax, for rent control, for county budgets that prioritize public services, and equity and anti-racism community work. 

Her leadership brings the shrewd understanding that, yes, Oak Park is unique, but it is uniquely situated in and related to Cook County and Illinois. Oak Park can lead the state in equitable government, the people’s access to and participation in its government, and become a true progressive beacon in our region. 

I am voting for Cate not because she has held board positions or parrots transparency or questionably-effective grant programs. No, I am voting for her because her style of leadership requires her to work tirelessly on behalf of the people left out of those programs and institutions. She has walked more miles, knocked on more doors, and shown up way more (before this spotlight) as an advocate, ally, and humbly, as a servant of the people’s causes. 

The unique position of Village President requires a candidate who shows up and listens to those who do not have access, to chair meetings with an ear to the myriad causes and constituencies of the Oak Park Board of Trustees, not just the establishment, the nonprofits, the MBAs and their apologists. 

Oak Park needs a vision and imagination, not just more of the same.

Adam Paradis, Oak Park

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