America’s largest lynching took 11 Italians in 1891 New Orleans, but the 1921 Tulsa Black Wall Street pogrom murders of 36 was just a fraction of the achievement setbacks suffered by former slaves. Last year a Tulsa lawsuit was filed. Reparation lawsuits require good arguments, educating the public, and may win. Fair is fair.

I have a different suggestion to help fix society. We can start locally. The first step would have the village government agree to manage a Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund (VOO). Anyone can donate to this fund by name or anonymously. To prevent corruption, all transactions should be posted online. Shares currently are about $350 with an annual dividend over $5. Two thousand shares = $10,000 in annual scholarship money. This would be a good start.

The yearly dividends can be given as scholarships to seniors at OPRF High School who are descendants of slaves. I suggest a criteria simply based upon the highest scores on national exams. Personally, I would emphasize math. Math skills open many job opportunities and advanced degrees where African Americans are under-represented.

The APPLE parents group could take care of award details, such as one or more scholarships, ceremonies, etc.

I have no idea about the taxes situation. If needed, maybe Democrats could pass some special legislation. Making donations deductible might bring in more funds. 

Black Lives Matter raised $90 million with an average contributions of $30, says

Robert Sullivan, Oak Park

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