With great admiration and appreciation I honor the life and contributions of Sherlynn Reid. Sherlynn was a community leader extraordinaire, leading with passion. She was facilitator of, and advocate for, change who inspired and walked the walk in so many ways. And she was so kind and thoughtful in all her interactions.

I was able to get to know Sherlynn in our intensive work together for Thrive Counseling Center, then known as Family Services and Mental Health Center. She understood the essential nature of providing accessible, responsive and high-quality mental health services to our community. She was engaged and involved as a board member, in our capital and endowment campaigns and in many other agency initiatives to ensure mental health services were readily available, including our collaboration with the high school and the police. My heart is warmed with deep thanks for all she contributed. Thrive is a better agency today because of Sherlynn’s deep engagement. And she is in our hearts leaving a meaningful and powerful legacy. 

Jan Pyrce, River Forest 

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