I read with interest your article on the village board meeting concerning Oak Park’s crime statistics [Oak Park crime stats turns to defunding argument, News, March 10]. First of all, no one seemed to acknowledge that Oak Park does not exist in a vacuum. Of the arrests made, how many were of people who live in Oak Park and how many were of people who do not live in Oak Park? Isn’t this the core principle of community policing? 

Second, as the “meeting turned instead into an argument over the movement to defund the police” (whatever that means), no one broached the subject that, relatively speaking, Oak Park is not necessarily a safe place to live. 

An organization called Alarms.org analyzed Illinois cities of over 10,000 population that submitted complete FBI Uniform Crime Report Statistics (Violent and Non-Violent crimes, including property crimes). Of the 100 cities with the lowest crime rates in Illinois, Oak Park came in as ranking 79th (#1 is the least amount of crime). River Forest came in at 65 and Chicago at 87. So when it comes to defunding the police (whatever that means), Oak Park should remember that a ranking of 100 on the FBI Crime Statistics is not a good thing.

Alan Kraus, Oak Park

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