I would like to thank the Oak Park Department of Public Health, the Oak Park Residence Corporation, and the Oak Park Housing Authority for providing the seniors at Mills Park Tower with COVID-19 immunizations. The first doses were administered on Jan. 19 and the second on Feb. 26.

Knowing the myriad problems that have plagued (pun intended) the vaccine rollout, we here at Mills Park felt especially blessed. We simply had to take the elevator to the first floor of the building and enter our community room. There the very well organized health department had established 7-8 vaccination stations throughout the room. From start to finish, the entire process took less than a half-hour. 

Additional thanks should be accorded to the management team who worked with the health department and coordinated the notification and registration of the residents. They were David Pope, Ken Southward, Mercedes Sandoval, Caroline Wilz and Shawn Lewis. 

The grateful citizens of Mills Park salute you.

Larry Joyce, Mills Park Tower resident

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