I’m for Vicki Scaman for Village President (not Mayor) of our wonderfully unique village. Why?

As our village clerk the last four years, she’s been an effective communicator who patiently listens to questions and if she lacks an answer, almost immediately gets the answer and responds.

She hears you out when your view is different from hers, and even when she disagrees, is never disagreeable. She knows how to run a meeting and allows everyone to express their thoughts. However, if there is disagreement, she will ask and expect that those not in agreement not be disagreeable!

Vicki will fight for what she thinks is best for Oak Park. She is highly respected at village hall, where she knows all the personnel and interacts comfortably. She’s been on commissions and committees, and was voted president of the North and Northwest Clerk Association.

We have the right candidate in Vicki. She is bright, experienced, and forward-looking. Vote for Vicki Scaman for President.

Doug Wyman, Oak Park

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