I would like to comment on your recent editorial titled, “Pete’s II a great win” [Our Views, Viewpoints, Feb. 24].

As president of the Majestic board, which oversees the 100-year-old property at 436 S. Euclid, which stands next to the construction site, the demolition process has been the opposite of a great win. It has been a nightmare. The owners were never notified prior to the start of demolition, the use of the alley behind our building was violated, and it was used as a throughway for heavy construction vehicles.

Vibrations from this and the deconstruction has caused interior and exterior damage to common areas as well as most units on the south side of the building. We are now burdened with the task and the expense of following up on the damages and the possible expense of all the repairs.

Progress without prudent and well-planned execution to the effects it may have on the immediate community is reckless. While we hope that Pete’s and the village will be good neighbors in the future with this scheduled construction project, we are very disappointed in the adverse results this project has had thus far on our vintage building.

Catherine Chojnacki, Oak Park

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