Joshua Wood inside the family’s currently melting igloo. He worked with his sister and parents to construct the multi-colored, pyramid shaped igloo in their back yard (Alex Rogals/Staff Photographer).

As we all grind our teeth at the snow and cold, we’d do well to focus on small favors. Here are three in the pages of today’s Journal.

Our friends, the Svec sisters at Spilt Milk Bakery on Oak Park Avenue, got flattened last week when their small shop was flooded by bursting frozen pipes. They are regrouping as they are being held up by this community which loves both their exquisite baked goods and the caring connections they’ve made.

The park district in Oak Park borrowed a good idea and created a “Sled Library” down by the Barrie Park sledding hill. No one should miss a good time because they are without a sled. Borrow a sled. Donate a sled. All good fun.

And then there is the igloo on our front page and in the backyard of the Wood family. This is the third and the most wonderful igloo this family has built and the second we have covered. Hard work and pure joy.

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