I remember Oak Park when it was a quaint, quiet, leafy, breath of fresh air when I visited it from my 24th and Damen Chicago boyhood home. Now Oak Park is home. In fact, I live near the corner of Home and Pleasant streets. Pleasant Home. Hmm. If only. If only …

Since moving into the Pleasant District in November of 2015, I’ve endured the major nearby construction chaos of four high-density apartment buildings. Coming soon will be yet another major project that will replace the Drechsler funeral home. That will be about 150 feet beyond my back door. My guess is it will not be any more architecturally creative than the other four eyesores. And to think Oak Park is known world-wide for Frank Lloyd Wright structures. Oh, and there’s a big new high-rise planned to go up within a stone’s throw of Unity Temple. Where does it stop?!

Quaint, quiet, leafy and charming. Consult the historical society for documentation of what once was, especially if you’re under 45 years old.

Joe Harrington, Oak Park

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