The deer culling issue in River Forest is again a hot topic on social media. Before any final decisions are made, I urge the press to report on what is going on. The IDNR and the Cook County Forest Preserve (they own the deer) have not done any studies and are not making River Forest a priority for any deer culling they normally do on their lands. 

Of course, they are willing to take taxpayer money (I think I heard $200,000) from River Forest to cull deer, though. This should not be a hasty decision. The reason I keep hearing to justify killing the deer is to preserve the landscaping in residents’ yards. 

Also, this is an extremely populated area and before this dangerous undertaking occurs, there has to be justification to kill the animals and an assurance and indemnification that the village will not be liable. 

When public monies are at stake, the public must have a voice. I heard some members of a committee assigned to do the research recently resigned because their voices were silenced and/or ignored. What about Maywood on the west side of the woods? 

I hope we get some good reporting on what is going on.

Pierangela Murphy, River Forest

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