I am sending this because the village of Oak Park ignores my phone calls.

For the last two days, snow plows have buried my car with snow. I have had to shovel the car out each day.

My car is/has been parked on the “even” side, per village snow requirements. The “odd” days are not to be parked on after 2 inches of snow.

The plows come and angle their blades to force snow on to the “even” side of the street, where I and everyone else are supposed to be parked. This means 3-4 feet of snow blocking the cars.

I came from a village where, they would angle the blade so that the snow would be pushed to the “odd” side of the street. This is because there should be no cars on the “odd” side of the street and, therefore, no cars that obey the parking regulation get locked in.

If the village will not return my calls, I hope this forum can get some results!

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