When snow season comes, I expect slipping and sliding on streets, alleys narrowed by snow, slick sidewalks and having to shovel or hire somebody to shovel my walks.

What I never thought I would have to expect was Oak Park Residence Corporation (ResCorp), an agency that owns and manages apartment buildings, would use snow removal contractors’ solution to too much snow: pile it on the neighbors’ property, blocking garage doors, burying garbage cans, and making rented parking spots inaccessible.

Calls to ResCorp fell on deaf ears, forcing neighbors whose property is buried with snow from ResCorp apartment building parking lots to constantly file complaints with the village. The village calls ResCorp and so their plowing contractor leaves the garage open but buries garbage cans and cars parked on private property with snow

It hardly seems fair that senior citizens have to dig out their property, that working people have to call off work because their garage is snowed in by snow plowed off of ResCorp parking lots against their garage doors, and that neighbors have to spend money to clear away snow dumped on their property by ResCorp contractors.

If I dumped my snow onto ResCorp’s lot, I would be fined. If I did not keep my front walk cleaned I would be fined. At one time, ResCorp was a welcome presence in my part of the village, rehabbing and maintaining classic apartments. They were good neighbors.

Not so any more.

It seems hardly fair that some of my tax dollars go to underwrite a quasi-public corporation that decreases my quality of life and costs me money to clean up damage they create on my property. 

And now ResCorp is proposing tearing down properties that they own and build large tall buildings totally out of character for the neighborhood as well. 

What happened to their mission to rehab distressed properties and then sell them to private owners to return them to the tax rolls?

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