Re: “Boutet, again, leaves village president race” [News, Jan. 20], I was wondering about Ms. Boutet’s comment that “the vote could split to produce a result that the majority … does not support.” I wasn’t concerned so much about the local political dynamics — we will always have that. I’m concerned that we have a voting system that allows this to happen at all when there is a very simple solution that has been widely implemented across the country.

I’m talking about ranked-choice voting. In this system you would rank the candidates for village president 1 through 4. If your number one pick came in last, then your vote goes to your second choice and so on. I think this system would prevent the outcome that Ms. Boutet fears and would ensure the winning candidate has the most approval of voters. I also believe the village board has the authority under home rule to implement this voting system in Oak Park. I urge them to consider it.

For more about ranked-choice voting, please visit the website for tons of information.

Ted Sowinski

Oak Park

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