President Trump has been impeached for the second time. Now we wait for the Senate’s answer to either acquit him (again) or find him guilty. This time Trump’s own words should indict him.

Meanwhile as we review what occurred on that fateful day of Jan. 6, 2021, we realize our safe nation will never be the same. Dictator Trump has actually accomplished two of his demonic goals … stoking hate and fear, and dividing the nation. Trump ignited hate between whites and non-whites, Republicans and Democrats, citizens and immigrants, etc. Fear, hate’s handmaiden, has caused many Capitol workers to fear returning to work. Many legislators have decided to carry guns. In addition, many others have expressed fear of opposing Trump because of threats against them and their families. Murderous threats were openly made against Pelosi, Pence, and even Dr. Fauci and his daughters! Trump incited this domestic terrorism and encouraged the violence. Afterwards, Trump said he opposed violence yet he also told the out-of-control marauders, “I love you.”

Fear is similar to a long-term chronic disease that recurs when situations appear that re-energize the disease. The horrific invasion of the Capitol caused my personal memory of sheer terror, to resurface. When I was 10 years old, I came face-to-face with armed robbers. This took place during the Depression and no small business had money. My parents’ small store was no exception. These frustrated armed robbers first turned their guns at my restrained barking dog. Then, when the small safe that was in the store proved to hold only papers and no cash, one of those angry, disappointed men slammed the butt of his gun into my dad’s head. That bloody scene is still vivid for me today, 86 years later.

One of the legislators described her experience of the Capitol attack and her extreme terror and fear. A helpful policeman, with blood streaming down his face, led her to a safe closet as a hideaway. My memory of terror and fear resurfaced in reaction to learning about hers, and remain with me now, nightmares and all!

Members of the Justice Department claim they have identified and arrested some 200 of the thousands of terrorists who flooded the Capitol leaving behind in their wake utter destruction and desecration, five dead, and uncounted numbers of injured folks. Many more will be located and charged, and the Congressmen who were supportive of this ugly coup attempt are also under investigation. The Justice Department’s rapid response to the seditious invasion of the Capitol should lessen our concerns about future attacks.

For the Inauguration, the National Guard has placed over 20,000 troops in Washington D.C. to ensure the safe installation of President Biden and Vice President Harris. Federal and state authorities have declared, “We are prepared for any incursion. The country is safe!” We all pray this is true. In the meantime, I will try to manage the apprehension and fears I have for my country, my friends, my family, and me … and hope Trump’s siege is over.

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