Hephzibah Home

While many organizations were able to transition to remote operations at the start of the pandemic, Hephzibah’s essential workers have continued delivering in-person services to vulnerable children and struggling families. More than 70 percent of Hephzibah’s staff are designated essential workers. 

Hephzibah Home’s 40 residential counselors, supervisors, therapists, cooks and maintenance staff work around the clock on-site caring for the 26 children who live there. Since March, the home has been on lockdown with only staff permitted to enter.

 “While our roles haven’t changed, the anxiety of keeping the children and our coworkers safe, is different,” explains Scott Bruckman, supervisor in the Diagnostic Treatment Center. “That stress switches off however, when I arrive and a child really needs my attention. I know I am here for this guy today. I am reminded why I’m here and why I do what I do.”

Hundreds of foster care children and families in crisis rely on the support and services provided by Hephzibah’s Family Based Services team. Every day, 30 therapists and caseworkers don protective gear to visit the children and families in their homes. “There is tremendous stress on families, and often we are their only source of support,” says Piper Caldwell, LCSW, Foster Care supervisor. “The need is great and resources are scant.”

Additionally, Hephzibah’s 50+ child development specialists follow rigid health and safety protocols while providing quality, affordable day care with e-learning support for over 200 elementary school children. Undeterred by the pandemic, Hephzibah’s essential heroes will continue to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families, with support from our generous community.

Find out more about Hephzibah and make a donation at hephzibahhome.org.

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