Madison Street Theater (MST), home to Ovation Academy for the Performing Arts in Oak Park, is calling on urgent community support in order to update their HVAC systems so the theater can make it through the winter.

The theater is facing this urgent need after two of its five HVAC systems recently stopped working and have been deemed beyond repair. The theater has been turned down for financing for replacement systems, and can’t afford to wait for a grant to come through if they did qualify. They are now hoping to purchase new, emergency HVAC systems before the first big snows, in order to continue operation. 

MST’s board of directors, along with an army of volunteers, have been working for nearly 18 months to bring the theater back from a decade of neglect. Many improvements have already been made, but any further delay in restoring heat to our facility could cause significant damage to the building and will force us to close.

Recently, Madison Street Theater launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $60,000 to support the purchase of these new, emergency HVAC systems. 

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Sam Gibson


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