This year has been a blur, and without a doubt there are many things I hope I never see or experience again! But equally so, in this season of thanks, I am thankful more than ever for some things that are always around: the restaurants, cafes, eateries and caterers in our villages. They are always there when we need them — Friday night “exhale and relax” night, too exhausted to cook night, emotional eating afternoon coffee, late night “let’s go for a walk because there is nothing else to do” snack. 

How about when you just want to do something spontaneous and fun, that just makes you feel alive and in control of your life? We head to a new place that we have never tried. And when we need solace, we head to our regular, familiar haunts. And I know that there are families of all sizes who have tried to add some excitement to the everyday blur by taking the long route to pick up their take-out. 

They have been there for us, and now we need to help them survive! Go to and take the pledge to support our local restaurants, then head to to decide where to eat and get out there and save our local food industry. 

Ever heard the saying, “Friends are the family we get to choose for ourselves?” Well get out there and visit your chosen family! Show them all the love they deserve after being there for you through thick and thin. What better way to express your thanks?

Liz Holt

Executive Director

OP-RF Chamber of Commerce

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