Dear fellow Democrats,

Saturday marked the beginning of the end of one of the most incredible periods of our lives.

Joe Biden is comfortably ahead in the key states needed to be elected president and has been declared President-elect of the United States. He will be inaugurated in January of 2021, and the process of closing one of the darkest chapters in American history will begin.

This and this alone is a momentous occasion for celebration for our country. Our democracy, the rule of law, the decency of the American people, and the choice of unity over hate were all on the ballot. Good was victorious on Tuesday and you made this happen. Your activism, volunteering, donations, and dedication will be a part of this incredible campaign forever.

I’m also thrilled to congratulate Senator-Elect Karina Villa on a hard-fought win. Her message of providing better health care to the voters and her hard work paid off. The Illinois Senate Democrats now hold 41 seats, the largest majority in our history.

Obviously, I’m disappointed that the Fair Tax was not successful, but millions of Illinoisans voted to invest in Illinois schools and communities while making our tax code fairer. The voters have spoken and now we must move forward together with a new administration to build back better than ever before.

This election occurred in the midst of a global pandemic that has wrought havoc on our economy and killed a quarter of a million Americans. Washington lacked the leadership that we, as Americans, have come to expect in times of crisis.

Yet we see the light coming over the horizon. Bask in it today and be joyous. We did it.

Don Harmon

Illinois Senate President

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