I admire you for trying to have a dialogue [The American Dream of belonging, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Aug. 26], but I increasingly feel that there is little hope. Your friend Dave is wishing for a time that never was:  

“Back then” those people who weren’t like me knew their place and did not spoil my neighborhood. The Blacks and Browns and Jews lived in their own places. And when they did move to places like Oak Park, they kept a low profile. They most certainly did not put signs on their porches. Oh, and gays were OK — as long as they stayed in the closet.

His words do not stand up to reasonable argument or dialogue, so it soon deteriorates into anger and false equivalents. What is wrong with a “Hate has no place here” sign?  Does he feel that Hate does have a place here? 

Keep trying.

Bill Dring

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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