Dear Friends,

I thank the many folks who have responded to my letters published in Wednesday Journal. I assume our polite community prompted the favorable messages.

Today I received a negative note, and I agree to some extent with the correspondent’s annoyance. She questioned, “Isn’t it about time to stop beating the same anti-Trump drum?”

I am sorry that my deep concern relative to Trump’s outrageous actions has caused me to “repetitiously beat the anti-Trump drum,” but my fears and alarm cause me to persevere. Mean-spirited Trump is both reckless and unpredictable. It seems as if each day there is a new action that adds to the chaos and divisiveness in our country.

Recently, the news reported the painful irony of the passing of civil rights icon, the honorable John Lewis, at the same time, that “Dictator” Trump deployed his secret militia in Portland. This violent, intimidating force in camouflaged gear equipped with guns, tear gas, gas masks, etc. were proudly endorsed on Twitter by Trump. His stated purpose was to rid the city of “violent, anarchist protestors.” His personal militia actually provoked violence with their Hitlerian tactics,” snatching folks off the streets into unmarked cars, and using force and tear gas on these civil rights groups.

Although the Constitution guarantees the right to protest and march, the “Dictator” President disregards the protesters’ legal standing. Portland officials have expressed strong objections to these unrequested and unwanted troops. “Dictator” Trump’s power play has stirred horrific memories recorded in the Holocaust history. The similarity to the early Hitler days are frightening!

Because there have been several criticisms of his actions against protestors (who for the most part have been peaceful), “Dictator” Trump now claims he deployed these aggressive troops to quell violent behavior. Trump is either uncaring or ignorant of the fact that violence cannot end violence. He threatens to send large numbers of troops to cities around the nation — including Chicago. All cities have rejected his offer.

Trump’s power moves have accomplished one basic desire of his … to divert support of the legal protestors. These folks had a worthwhile goal, to eliminate racism while striving for voting rights, eliminating police brutality, and furthering civil rights and justice for all. Accomplishing this goal would continue John Lewis’ legacy.

And so yes, I will “beat the anti-Trump drum” again and again, in hopes of alerting or annoying folks into voting him out of office.

Harriet Hausman

River Forest

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