Although COVID-19 continues to ravage our country, another crisis is looming. While Al Gore and others have been publicly fighting against climate change as early as the 1970s (more than two decades before I was born), it seems as though we are just beginning to take this fight for the well-being of our community, and all humanity, seriously. 

Several weeks ago Congress released a new report, “Solving the Climate Crisis,” detailing hundreds of policy recommendations focused on a clean energy economy that values workers, strengthens the economy, and promotes environmental justice. However, this 500+ page report is completely useless if Congress doesn’t act on it. 

The effects of climate change aren’t always immediate or obvious, but learning about the thousands of preventable deaths from the coronavirus has illuminated the deaths we can prevent caused by climate change, which will ultimately impact everyone, regardless of class, political party, place of residence, or one’s belief in this issue. 

Small individual efforts can certainly make some impact, but a larger focus that targets the major sources of pollution will create substantial and lasting change. Call your representative and senator and tell them to support and act on this report. Show them we must take a stand against climate change and the companies profiting off the things that exacerbate it. 

When this climate disaster inevitably strikes our own community and we finally realize what we’ve all taken part in, I want to know that I’ve done everything I can. Do you?

Natasia Preys

Oak Park

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