Agreeing with Elizabeth Loentz’s “One View” [Gunderson proposal should be rejected, Viewpoints, July 29] regarding the inappropriate proposed redevelopment plan for the property located at 435 Madison, I am confused about the inconsistencies of the Plan Commission with respect to previous decisions on proposed development, while certain of the probable action of the village board.

Earlier this year, the Plan Commission unanimously rejected the special-use application requested by the developer for an apartment building at that address. The Plan Commission based its decision on three factors: that the proposed building was too tall, too dense, and too close to Madison Street and the abutting single-family residences.

However, on Dec. 19, 2019 the Plan Commission unanimously approved a special-use application for the development of a senior living community apartment building less than three blocks down the street at 711-25 Madison. That building would/will be even taller, denser, and closer to the abutting single-family residences.

Like the proposal for 435 Madison, as noted by Ms. Loentz, the building at 711-25 Madison violates the Envision Oak Park plan of 2014, and the 2017 Zoning Ordinance.  But the question is, how did the Plan Commission come to completely different decisions on the respective special-use applications?

What is certain is that the village board will disregard the concerns of the neighboring property owners and this time override the decision of the Plan Commission regarding the proposed development of 435 Madison. For better, or in these cases worse, the village board is consistent in making the sky the limit on Madison Street.

Chris Donovan

Oak Park

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