What does the Journal mean to Oak Park?

  • The forum for public debate provided by Wednesday Journal has been both open and constant and a necessary component of Oak Park open government.
  • The Journal has never wavered in fulfilling its obligations to the community and to its profession as a living, breathing member of the Fifth Estate.
  • They have provided a voice when one was needed. They have not been afraid to challenge our local institutions when necessary and seek accountability from them.
  • They have provided this village with an invaluable and reliable 40-year historical record of our ongoing struggle, as a community, to live up to the good government and open community ideals we are constantly aspiring to achieve.
  • Their compass has been consistently forthright and true, whether they are drilling down on an issue or providing a broader perspective on something that forces us to think.
  • In all of these things, Wednesday Journal has been an indispensable cornerstone for this village.


Ray Heise

Former Oak Park village attorney

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