Trinity High School is taking on issues of racism and equity within the River Forest school. They are searching for a new human resources staff member who will focus on its woeful lack of staff diversity, on training staff in teaching strategies reflecting the highly diverse student body. Additionally, the school has announced it will actively survey students, alumnae and parents on issues of racism and the school climate. Trinity is also working to upend its traditional discipline system and, in its place, focus on a Restorative Justice approach.

That’s a lot, and certainly is an indication of how our nation has begun a long-overdue reckoning that systemic racism is pervasive and built into the structures of all institutions, including the all-girls Catholic high school in River Forest.

Trinity will benefit from the remaking of its administration over the past year. A new president, principal, dean of students and two new vice presidents are already in place. Having new and more critical eyes on the immediate and long-term challenges will speed the possibility of genuine culture change.

Good for Trinity.

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