In your editorial on July 15 [Schools split on reopening, Our Views, Viewpoints] you mentioned “The only clamor we don’t hear locally is from parents or teachers who want full-time, in-school classes restored.” 

It might be your opinion, or the opinion of the WJ, that there is nobody clamoring for full-time, in-school classes, but you are either blind or willfully ignorant of true desires of this community. Informal surveys on Facebook in different groups are showing 70-80 percent of people want a five-day in-person option this fall. Even your own reporting of District 97’s parent survey said 71 percent of folks are comfortable sending their kids back to school full-time.

Stating that you don’t see/hear something doesn’t make it true, and it’s dangerous to put forth statements like that, even in your opinion section. 

Matthew Arata

Oak Park

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