It is interesting to see how other Chicagoland high schools are planning to re-open in the fall. Except for OPRF, it looks like other districts are prioritizing bringing students into the classroom in a limited/hybrid manner (for those parents who want that).

Importantly, these other schools’ approaches result in almost double the amount of minimum instruction time than in the current OPRF plan. I have reached out to the board and administration to learn from what these other districts are doing so we can make sure the equity gap does not grow and our Huskies receive the instructional time they need.

What will I march for? What will I fight for? An education for our children. In a time when we are fighting for equity as a society, why are we taking actions that will increase the OPRF equity gap? Why in the progressive village of Oak Park are we being told we need to reduce our instruction time in half when our peer schools like Evanston are not? 

Our Huskies need more than a minimum of 30 minutes of “live” instruction/class/week. We are better than this, Oak Park. Now is the time to raise our voices to the OPRF administration and demand they educate our children. If not us, who? If not now, when? 

Lisa Reed 

OPRF parent

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