After 25 years occupying its location at 711 Madison St., Oak Park, Bodyworx Fitness Multiplex is taking its training equipment and smoothies to 6201 North Ave. According to Judith Alexander, who is the chairwoman of The North Avenue District, the location will open up at some point this month. 

“We were delighted that they chose that location,” said Alexander. “Some people were telling me they think it would be a good place for a fitness center. We think it is a fabulous addition to our district.” 

One of the reasons Alexander believes Bodyworx will thrive in this area is because other fitness-oriented businesses on North Avenue that have done well on Oak Park’s northern border. 

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts, which had been stationed in Oak Park since 1994, and Orangetheory Fitness, which has had a location in Oak Park since 2015, have done well for themselves on North Avenue. 

“Those two places showed that this is a good place for fitness-oriented businesses to be a part of,” said Alexander. “[The location at 6201 North Ave.] is a bit smaller than Master Yu’s space, but it is much easier and convenient to find parking than it is like in a place like downtown Oak Park.” 

The owners of the Bodyworx location in Oak Park did not respond to the Journal’s inquiry as to why they made this move.

Bodyworx will take over the space once occupied by a succession of grocery stores, most recently Oak Park Market. After opening up in 2018, the market folded in 2019 after not enough customers came to the store.

“Oak Park Market was funded correctly,” said owner Angelo Palvios in an interview with Oak Park Eats in February of 2019. “We opened with no debt and a paid-off inventory. The lack of its success was due to the lack of Oak Park shopping support.”

Alexander said the location wasn’t the best spot for a niche food store like Oak Park Market. 

“I am sure you’ve noticed the trend of grocery stores getting bigger and bigger,” said Alexander. “That’s why most people don’t want to go from store to store. For example, I was talking to one nearby resident and he said, ‘Well, I wanted a certain kind of pasta. And they didn’t have it, so I never went back.’

“So we were thinking, as much as we love having the market there, it just wasn’t big enough.”

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