Pieritz Brothers Office Supply on the corner of Ridgeland Avenue and South Boulevard is closing the end of June. As longtime customers, we express our farewell with the following:

Dear John and Deb,

We can fully understand your decision to retire from your business. There will be things, especially customers, that you will miss. Know that we will miss our in-person chats at your wonderful store. One of my favorite memories is bringing our little grandchildren in to experience the old adding machines and typewriters. If you didn’t have something like a blue ink pen for lefties, you were happy to track it down and order it. Also, you had the most unique windows — and coming from an old Magic Tree Bookstore owner who knows what goes into making creative windows, that’s high praise.

So, thanks for all those years. You made Oak Park special with your artistic little shop full of big and small wonders. Now go and have a great time and be sure to sleep in lots.

Iris and Vic Yipp

Oak Park

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