The multitude of emotions I experience in this transition past high school is hard to describe in words. It is bewildering to look back and realize all that has occurred during these four years, and the possibilities which lie on the horizon. But while I can’t describe all my feelings, I can single out one that stands out above all others: gratitude. I know I wouldn’t be where I am now were it not for the help of my family, friends, coaches, and school staff. Their selfless dedication toward my success is nothing short of commendable, and has profoundly influenced who I aspire to be as I ascend into adulthood.

My current experience reminds me that great change can bring forth both great anticipation and fear. These last months have shown more than ever how the uncertainty of the future can appear so daunting. I can only ask of my fellow peers that we focus on what is under our control, seek to push ourselves in pursuit of self-improvement, and never be afraid to acknowledge our shortcomings and reach out for support. These crucial lessons are some of many that I have learned while being at OPRF High School.

Joshua Ogunsanya

OPRF class of 2020

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