I saw Janet Haisman’s response to my letter in last week’s Journal [Too loose with safety measures, Viewpoints, June 10]. Since there has been communication with West Suburban Hospital (WSH), I feel I should respond.

I did get a letter from the chief nursing officer at WSH, formally acknowledging my concerns being brought to the director of surgical services the day of my surgery and later to the Oak Park Health Department re: staff members not wearing face masks. 

I was told my concerns were directly addressed with all staff involved at that time, and the mandatory use of surgical masks in the hospital and specifically within 6 feet of another had been reinforced with all staff members and that WSH is dedicated to all efforts to help keep all of us safe and healthy. 

They apologized for falling short and causing concern during my stay, but appreciated the opportunity to learn and improve based on my concerns.

I called WSH and talked to a woman who works for the CEO. I acknowledged getting the letter but had a few questions because I hadn’t heard from a hospital administrator as I was told by the woman from risk management.  

Why didn’t the woman from risk management return my phone call and send a message through the hospital operator that an administrator would be calling me? She couldn’t answer for that staff member.

Was the hospital’s CEO aware of what had happened during my hospital stay? Yes.

She couldn’t say if the acknowledgement of my concerns about the staff members not wearing face masks during my stay included discipline.

My biggest concern was if the Infectious Disease Department was aware of the situation? Yes.

My hope at this point is that the hospital administration and Infectious Disease Department are aware of the situation, that it won’t be an issue again in any department in the hospital.

If you see any hospital employee not wearing a face mask, I still believe you should immediately ask to talk to an administrator or someone from Infectious Disease.

Marianne Trifone

Former Oak Parker

Hoffman Estates

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