There has been a lot of news to cover in our seven neighborhoods this past month. And our small hard-working newsroom has been hard at it from the West Side to Forest Park to Brookfield. 

How do you measure impact? There are a lot of ways from talking to appreciative marchers along protest routes to that call from a local village president with a heads up on what might happen next.

For the data-driven here’s another measure: In the trailing 30 days the combined flags of Growing Community Media – Austin Weekly News, Wednesday Journal of Oak Park & River Forest, Forest Park Review and Riverside-Brookfield Landmark – posted just over 1 million page views. That’s more than double our average.

Thanks for your trust in our coverage. Thanks to our reporters, our photographer, our freelancers for being on the street doing this work.

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Dan Haley

Dan was one of the three founders of Wednesday Journal in 1980. He’s still here as its four flags – Wednesday Journal, Austin Weekly News, Forest Park Review and Riverside-Brookfield Landmark – make...