High winds took down a power line in the alley on the 400 block of Euclid that eventually led to a four-car garage at 415 S. Euclid Ave. to catch on fire (photo provided by Ellen Cutter).

Strong Tuesday afternoon storms with high winds caused substantial tree damage across Oak Park. But at 415 S. Euclid Ave. the winds took down half of a large tree at the rear of the home and brought a power line down with it, said Tom Ebsen, Oak Park fire chief.

The power line, a primary line, said Ebsen, initially landed in the alley but then danced toward a four-car garage which caught fire. Ebsen said the garage was totaled and the three cars and one motorcycle in the garage were severely damaged.

One Oak Park firefighter was injured when he tripped and hit his head. He was taken to Rush Oak Park Hospital as a precaution.

Ebsen said the department’s initial response was slowed because ComEd was delayed in getting to the scene due to a high volume of calls received for downed lines. The fire department focused on keeping adjacent garages from catching fire until ComEd arrived.

The Euclid Avenue fire, which brought out a large response from firefighters, paramedics and police, was the only structure fire in Oak Park Tuesday. However Ebsen said another power line had come down in north Oak Park but had not caused a fire.

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