Dear friends,

How can we have such a dichotomy of goals within our nation? Here in River Forest, the leadership and the villagers are focused on helping each other — human life has great value — regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, or race. As a young student, I remember an expression I was taught, “If you save one human life, you have begun to save the world.”

This expression has been abandoned in this 2020 world of the coronavirus. Instead, a totally selfish viewpoint seems to prevail, frequently expressed by our U.S. leadership and “King Trump”! The emphasis is placed on hurriedly “opening America.” Damned are those humans who are dispensable, the sickly, the elderly, the immigrants, and the people of color and the poor.

King Trump recently announced to the nation that some folks will die, but many others will get back to work. I assume that it is therefore accepted that workers infected by this raging virus, possibly infecting others, and even dying, is a sacrifice worth taking. 

Patience and a wisely planned opening of our nation is not acceptable under this administration because the numbers of unemployed must be lessened in order to possibly re-elect the greedy, narcissistic and power mad “King Trump.” 

Our local goal of saving life is in direct opposition to the views of our national leadership. Perhaps my view is the warped one, but this is how I see my world. I thank our village’s small footprint in the midst of the giant selfish stomp of our nation.

P.S. I address our president as “King” because he has disregarded our Constitution, its guidance and rules of law, and he has also tried to abolish any law, good or bad, set forth by the Obama administration and past previous administrations.

Harriet Hausman

River Forest

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