Perhaps someone can explain why bicyclists are discriminated against at drive-up windows. We biked to the drive-up window at the Walgreens at Oak Park and Madison today to pick up anti-rejection drugs for Carolyn, who recently had a kidney transplant. Needless to say, given her compromised immune system, we scrupulously avoid exposure to all microbes, not just COVID-19. 

After waiting for 15 minutes behind four cars, we arrived at the window only to be told that we would not be served there. We asked why, and the illogical and unsatisfying response was “it is our policy.” Most likely, the ultimate culprit is the litigiousness of our society. Consequently, we had to dismount, skirt past the gauntlet of in-your-face panhandlers who inhabit the space just outside the Walgreens entrance, and negotiate a pathway among the shoppers inside to pick up the prescription.

In earlier, better times, we were once turned away at the Fifth Third Bank drive-up window when we appeared on bicycles. I think the explanation was somehow related to bank robbers on bikes being more threatening than those inside get-away cars. Thankfully, however, the Fifth Third Bank drive-up window is now open for bicyclists, perhaps in light of the COVID-19 crisis. We hope other corporate “thinkers” and “decision-makers” will take advantage of our pandemic to reconsider their rules for drive-up windows. 

Tom & Carolyn DeCoursey

Oak Park

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