I want to add to the chorus of gratitude about the wonderful Barbara Mullarkey, whom we lost last week. Barbara was true citizen of the entire village. She was someone a lot of folks in town knew as a relentless, indefatigable activist, who was truly committed to making things better for everyone. 

If Barbara was advocating for something, and I wasn’t there yet, I knew it was a sign that I should be. Certainly those in government charged with oversight and action about an area of her concern knew that things could get uncomfortable. It is a testimony to the character of our population and the commitment of my fellow public servants that, when Barbara was on the case, it was time to take it seriously, even if it made things more difficult to do so. 

She strove to elicit the best of all of us. I will miss her and will try to lift up her spirit as an enduring, essential element of what Oak Park is as a community. We are better for her having been among us.

Eric Davis

Trustee, Oak Park Township

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