I can’t believe it. OPRF High School has decided to place construction trailers and trucks on the OPRF baseball diamond for two consecutive years. Such a decision would not allow any home baseball games, nor allow the hosting of any conference playoff games and the boys will be practicing mostly off campus for two years. This is ridiculous! And the field was already in tough shape the past several years. 

Wait, this just in, it’s not the baseball diamond; it’s the varsity turf football/soccer field. What?!

Wait, wait, this just in, it’s the girls softball fields. No way!

No, this just in … it’s the basketball court in the Field House. What’s going on?!

OK, I finally have the true story. No need to worry. It’s just the tennis courts. Go on with your summer as planned and stay well. Whew, that was a close one.

So, the point here is not that the tennis team is any more or less important than any other sport or activity. The point is, no single program should be brushed aside for two years.

Arguably, the tennis program has been brushed aside for many more years, considering the condition that the courts have been in for some time. Our school has had the opportunity in the past to step up and do what is right for the tennis program and they’ve taken a pass.

OPRF High School talks a big game about unintended consequences, putting all students first and disproportional impacts of decisions. It seems those values do not apply in this case. The selective use of taglines, values and policies is a slippery slope for any institution or community.

Of particular note, the construction company originally wanted to use the west field for staging the trailers. We should want to learn more about that plan to see how we might even improve on it and reduce the student impact. We also just spent over $102,000 on the tennis courts two years ago (still under warranty for three more years). Now the construction company will have a pricey private parking lot for two years while our student athletes are displaced.

It would be great to see all of our athletic program leaders rally on behalf of each other. We might even be able to figure out a seasonal approach to reduce the impact to any single program. Who knows, it could increase the morale and school spirit when students return to campus.

Our school should actually want to do this and it should not be left to teams to plead to stay on campus and represent their school.

Go Huskies! All of you.

Ross Lissuzzo

River Forest

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