Thank you for publishing my comment about Mr. Hubbuch’s March 25th opinion piece in which he recommended increasing alcohol and marijuana consumption and for giving it such a prominent headline. It’s definitely one among many messages that need to keep being communicated.

I was saddened to see that it followed yet another reference to alcohol by Mr. Hubbuch, though [Yearning for a different kind of virus, John Hubbuch, Viewpoints, April 8]. Let’s see, what was it this time? — oh yeah, sitting in the basement listening to music, watching TV and drinking Don Julio tequila. That’s an all-too-common scenario, irrespective of the drug of choice.

And then this pronouncement, whether in jest or not, that he won’t wear a mask in public. Really? I don’t know what kind of editorial oversight the Wednesday Journal exercises over its Op/Ed authors, but neither of these are messages that should get any play, let alone prominence.

Ron Elling

Oak Park

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