Unforeseen utility conflicts have prolonged work at the closed Oak Park Avenue and Lake Street intersection, delaying its reopening by a week.

“AT&T had additional, unidentified duct packages that were in conflict with the proposed sewer,” said Jim Prescott of Prescott Group, the firm handling project communications.

Crews had to wait to place the new sewer until AT&T removed the duct packages.

“AT&T had to break out their ducts and conduit, pull slack into their cables, and then our crews could place the sewer as planned,” Prescott said. “It’s one of those unanticipated work-arounds that happen below grade and take a little more time.”

The utility conflicts, only minor bumps in the road, did not majorly impact the intersection’s construction schedule, according to Prescott.

“We’re still on track to finish work in the intersection in half the time as originally scheduled,” he said.

While work on the intersection continues, crews also started the first phase of the streetscaping portion of Oak Park’s Lake Street reconstruction project — starting on Lake Street between Harlem and Avenue, which has been closed to all vehicular traffic and parking.

That stretch will remain closed until August. However, sidewalks remain open for pedestrians. The village has designated Marion Street, Forest Avenue, North Boulevard, South Boulevard and Chicago Avenue as detours.

Streetscaping includes street resurfacing, sidewalk and curb replacement, and landscaping, as well as putting in new lights, traffic signals, trees and street furniture.



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