In a recent issue of the New York Times, there was a group of letters to the editor published under the heading, “How a virus has disrupted my life.” Mine goes under the heading, “How the virus has caused me to be grateful for my life.”

This terrible pandemic has caused pain and suffering throughout the world, and it has forced us to prioritize what is truly important in our lives. The usual day-to-day activities are trivial — family, friends, community, health and love are focus values now. 

I am extremely fortunate to have a loving, caring family and friends who are equally supportive. I am reasonably healthy and buoyed by the thoughtful, frequent phone calls and emails concerned for my welfare. Offers of help have been overwhelming. They range from shopping to housework to cooking to doing chores or laundry — and even disposing of my trash!

Food and flowers have been left at my door and even my kind mail deliverer has offered to help me in any way she could. I also must commend our village services, which help me feel safe and secure.

Although I follow all the scientific suggestions seniors should use for their best health, it is difficult to remain completely isolated. But the warmth and love expressed toward me has kept me close, and more than replaced the many activities that a few weeks ago filled my days.

Thank you, dear family, friends and community. I am truly grateful for you.

Harriet Hausman is a longtime resident of River Forest.

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