I am very conscious of the completely unprecedented circumstances that we are all experiencing in both our personal/family and business/professional lives. Please make no mistake, these are trying times and nobody is immune to the effects of what we are going through — every day seems to be different from the last, and we are all wondering when we will get back to normal, and what that will even look like. 

This is not business as usual. Please do not expect that you will be able to “produce” at your usual rate or level. Please be conscious that your staff (or spouse, or kids, or family) may also need extra time to get their work done, or in the case of those you are quarantined with, just simply get out of bed. We all have a million things on our minds and many of us are struggling to keep it together. Be kind to yourself and one another. Reach out to your friends (virtually!) and love those closest (literally quarantine-close!) to you.

Oak Park and River Forest are communities who pride themselves on taking care of others, and now is the time when we all need to extend this sentiment to our local business community. Many of our local businesses have felt the pain of a downturn in sales or a sharp end to clients coming through the door. Now more than ever, we need to be mindful to stay local for all of our shopping and service needs and continuing to show our love to all of our local businesses.

The OPRF Chamber works toward a vision where all who live and work in our community have the opportunity to thrive — that means those who live here, those who work here, and those who laugh, cry and love here will make it through these challenging times. Our daily routines are going to change, and business is going to change — but we are resilient, and the staff and board of directors here at the Chamber will continue to be of service to you, our small businesses, and this community as a whole.  

Liz Holt

Executive Director

OPRF Chamber of Commerce

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