I’d like to know if John Hubbuch knows about the fine art of using a corn cob [Tape these tips to your fridge! Viewpoints, March 25]. I remember my father telling me about corn cobs floating in a full bucket of water inside a farmer’s outhouse way, way back, when he, too, was a young man. He proceeded to explain how to use one (I guess he figured I should know in case I ever encountered such a predicament). The water would soften up the cobs. One had to fish around in the bucket to find the softest one. With the chosen “Charmin” in hand, one would give it a hearty shake to expel the excess water before swiping it. If you required another, one would repeat the process. But if there were no more cobs at the ready, one had to delicately rotate the cob to its other, cleaner side. A simple move that required a surgeon’s touch. (Recall that hand sanitizer had not been invented).

I enjoy reading the Viewpoints section.

John Megall

River Forest

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