A Cook County COVID-19 surveillance website reported on March 29 that River Forest had five confirmed cases of the illness.

The website, ccdphcd.shinyapps.io/draftapp03282020/, appears to be a duplicate of the Cook County website, ccdphcd.shinyapps.io/covid19/, that was available briefly on March 26 before going offline the following day with the message that it was “currently unavailable.”

Both websites are active again, and both are reporting the same number of cases for River Forest, although the numbers for some neighboring communities differ between sites. One site, for example, showed 16 cases of COVID-19 in Forest Park while the other showed 13 on the morning of March 30.

Oak Park, which has its own health department and does not rely on the county for information on COVID-19 cases, had 26 confirmed cases as of March 29.

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