Melissa Elsmo

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the corona virus pandemic and the social distancing measures currently being implemented. We know that staff (kitchen, door, bar, etc.) at your establishments are among those most negatively impacted as their source of income has effectively dried up. Many of you have launched GoFundMe campaigns to help alleviate the monetary strain, we wish we had the financial capacity to contribute, but as you surely understand the state of affairs directly affects your friendly neighborhood brewery as well.

Focusing on what we can do to provide a little brightening of spirit in these dark times, we are offering a free crowler of Kinslahger beer to any and all industry people who want one. We’re all in this together so we’ll do this on the honor system. Please put the word out to your people that they can stop by our tasting room on Sunday between 12pm and 3pm for next couple weeks at least and get a crowler to go. We’ll just ask that they tell us where the work, no need for pay-stubs or anything like that. When the chips are down, you share what you can and that’s what we intend to do.

Be safe, be well,

Keith and all of us at Kinslahger Brewing

PS – While we obviously can’t cover the entire Chicagoland area with this offer, feel free to share it with your friends in the industry.

  • Kinslahger
  • 6806 Roosevelt Rd
  • Oak Park, IL 60304

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