Public Health Director Mike Charley, of Oak Park’s Department of Public Health, announced in a bulletin at 9 a.m. on March 15 that six COVID-19 tests were given to Oak Park residents.

The bulletin stated that “there are no presumptive positive tests in Oak Park.” Of the six tests administered, there were three negative results and three tests still pending at the time of the bulletin.

The bulletin pointed out that “privacy precludes location information to anyone other than public health officials and first responders.”

The bulletin also reminded citizens of the following: “It is a crime to knowingly spread any false information or report that a person has contracted COVID-19 disease on any social media or other public platform under the Illinois Department of Public Health Act or to make a false report regarding the contraction or spread of COVID-19 to any public official under the Illinois Criminal Code.”

Anyone who would like to register for village of Oak Park emergency alerts can go to coronavirus-resources.

On March 13, the Oak Park village board declared a public health emergency, authorizing Charley to make “reasonable rules, regulations and orders … as may from time to time be deemed necessary for the preservation and improvement of the public health and for the suppression of disease.”

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