SEOPCO (South East Oak Park Community Organization) would like to take this opportunity to thank the Humphrey & Lyman neighbors and village staff for attending our talking session about South East Oak Park. 

SEOPCO was created during the Barrie Park remediation when the voices of neighbors were not being heard. At a recent Zoning Board of Appeals hearing about the Taco Bell proposal, it became clear to us that the neighbors would like to talk about their traffic and safety concerns. The village was very responsive and asked Tammy Grossman (Development Customer Services director), LaDon Reynolds (Police Chief), Bill McKenna (Village Engineer), John Wielebnicki (Director of Public Works) and Joseph Moran (Deputy Chief of Police) to attend the meeting. They were joined by 25 neighbors and a spirited and productive meeting ensued. 

It was wonderful to see the heads of different departments join together to hear about traffic, safety and business development concerns.


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