We are all aware of the many businesses in Oak Park, and elsewhere, that have closed recently. Sometimes it is for personal or corporate reasons that no one locally can control. However, reading the coverage of the Fair Share closing, or not so long ago the closing of Connolly’s, it seems that one of the big difficulties the small businesses we love have is dealing with the village’s bureaucracy. 

I think the village should have one person whose sole job is to be the small business coordinator. Their job would be to keep in touch with, and ease the way for, small business owners. If a paid, part-time position, I think it would pay for itself, both in the quality of life that draws residents and visitors to the village and the tax revenue generated from these business. Just think of how much revenue we must be losing with the closing of Fair Share alone.

This person could have gotten that liquor license for Fair Share, warned Connolly’s about the street closing and found ways for them to stay in business, helped to publicize Oak Park Market, and I’m sure a hundred other things that would improve our quality of life.

Joyce Porter

Oak Park

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