Last Wednesday, when our family called up Geppetto’s for our weekly fix of roasted red pepper soup, the phone was not answered, and we wondered why. The next day when we called again, because one of us had a craving for the garlic chicken and spinach, the same thing happened. On Friday, we called up to place an order for the tilapia, and we began to wonder what was going on.

   Geppetto’s Restaurant was a place that our family ordered from on a regular basis, and we are sad to have lost such a great place that contributed so much to the community.
  Their food was of good quality. The pizza had good ingredients, and a very good crust to place the ingredients on. The pasta dishes were also delicious, as were the sandwiches and appetizers.
   As I stated in the beginning, our family were huge fans of the roasted red pepper soup, and, like clockwork, every Wednesday, and Sunday, we would stock up.
   We consumed the last of what was left of the roasted red pepper soup while reading the article about the closing of Geppetto’s as a fitting tribute to a great restaurant, knowing full well that nobody else in Oak Park had roasted red pepper soup of this quality. In fact, I don’t think
any other restaurant in Oak Park even serves it, and that we may never enjoy it ever again.

   We are sad that the people who ran Geppetto’s could not keep up with the cost of living, and are grateful for the fact that there was a good restaurant serving high quality food at a price that we could afford.
   I know that you will get flooded with thousands of e-mails touching on this subject, and commenting on the article, but as a family that has lived in Oak Park for over 45 years we could not stay silent about losing one of the great restaurants of this town.

The Mikelsons/Goldhamer Family

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