When I read your column in the Journal [DOOPer’s Memories, John Stanger, Viewpoints, Feb. 5], you mentioned someone I hadn’t thought of in years: Dr. Grissom. He was my pediatrician. Seemed like a nice man, but he didn’t joke around. I remember he made house calls. I think I had the mumps. He gave me penicillin, which I didn’t know I was allergic to, so I ended up with hives all over my body. 

I remember his office on the seventh or eighth floor of the Medical Arts Building. I could look down and watch the fire trucks come and go from the old station adjacent to the old village hall [Euclid and Lake]. I think my mom drove me by his house in the 500 block of Oak Park Avenue. If I remember, it was gray, frame and big.

My wife and I were just talking about the balloon man who used to hang at the corner of Oak Park and Chicago avenues.

Dr. Grissom brought back some memories. For that, thank you!

Paul Stamm

River Forest

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