Ovation Academy for the Performing Arts, 1010 Madison St., received the top honor of “Outstanding Production Award” at the Junior Theater Festival earlier this month. Only six out of 46 programs received the honor. 

Ovation Academy’s winning troupe of young theatricals are Lucy Adams, Isabella Airato, Griffin Arnold, Quinn Creehan-Severino, Olivia Cruz, Megan Dauphinee, Mateo Haro, Grace Iverson, Maya Keane, Nolan Maddox, Hannah Mangan, Fiona Mitchell, Raj Mitra, Jojo and Lya Nabwangu, Hogan Porter, Kyler Rettberg, Oliver Schnizlein, Joe Scott, Ella Steffen and Rosie Zapata – all from Oak Park.

Also in the troupe are Brody Freund from River Forest, as well as Forest Parkers Lily and Lucy Martens, Nialiah Togba and Emme Whitebone.

Stacey Sheridan

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