On Feb. 7, the Cook County Assessor’s Office mailed reassessment notices to River Forest property owners.

If you would like to understand the figures you see on your notice, my office has resources to guide you at http://riverforesttownship.org/proptax.asp

There you will find a range of helpful information, including answers to frequently asked questions and a link to the Cook County Assessor’s 2020 evaluation report for River Forest Township’s triennial reassessment.

Along the way, it’s essential to keep a few related facts in mind.

Just as your property value is likely to have increased by a significant amount, the same is true of most of your neighbors. In fact, River Forest has grown by approximately $40 million in total assessed value from 2019 to 2020, according to the Cook County Assessor.

If your property value has grown by 25 percent, for instance, that does not mean that your tax bill will go up by that much.

Your property’s assessment is your portion of the tax burden, and that tax impact is driven by changes in the levy amounts determined by local units of government.

The 2020 reassessment will not impact tax bills until the second installment tax bills in 2021.

On Tuesday, March 3 at 6 p.m., my office is hosting a Community Outreach seminar with the Cook County Assessor’s staff.

All residents are invited to attend and will be able to ask the staff questions regarding your new property assessment.

The outreach will be held at the River Forest Community Center, 8020 Madison St., Room 206, in River Forest.

Pamela Kende

River Forest Township Assessor

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